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From Gemadept's SmartPort, think of the dream of “Smart Logistics” in Hai Phong city
Date 01-10-2022 Views 98

From Gemadept's SmartPort, think of the dream of “Smart Logistics” in Hai Phong city

In many important central and local documents, Hai Phong city has always been identified as a modern international logistics service center in the future. To achieve this goal, besides the efforts of state management agencies, each enterprise in the field must make the best efforts, focusing on improvement towards modernization. Currently, Gemadept Group has been using "SmartPort" technology in Hai Phong as a pioneering step for logistics activities in the city towards a "Smart Logistics" dream...

In May 2021, Gemadept, the owner of the leading port and logistics ecosystem in Vietnam, launched and deployed SmartPort smart port application at Nam Hai Dinh Vu and Nam Dinh Vu ports of Hai Phong. . At that time, when the Covid-19 epidemic was breaking out strongly and hindering communication and contact activities in logistics operations, Gemadept's SmartPort was like a solution to solve the hot problem of the port system.

Besides limiting the spread of the disease, SmartPort has solved many wishes of businesses in seaport operations. Businesses that need to operate at the port only need to use the SmartPort application on electronic devices and easily perform on-the-spot online order-making activities for forwarding, lifting, closing, and service operations. at Port…; using electronic documents, multi-port data lookup; conduct financial operations, online payments...

As a result, right in the first time of deployment, Gemadept's SmartPort quickly received much praise from partners, businesses and customers when up to 15,000 transaction orders and 45,000 TEU containers were processed through the system. system within the first 02 months and this number continuously increased after that. Most importantly, Gemadept's SmartPort, when deployed in Hai Phong city, has brought significant benefits to enterprises providing port services.

Instead of having to move to the port and take 3 to 4 hours for a set of trading orders, now partners only take about 30 minutes for the same operation. At the same time, the operations and activities at the port are continuously updated to the application's big data system, helping partners instead of manually reporting results from the field department to the office. can conduct quick lookup, ensuring multiple transactions at the same time and still accurate.

In addition, the use of this smart technology also helps businesses save a lot of costs and personnel, reduce congestion at procedure areas as well as limit personnel moving on potential port routes. hidden many dangers of traffic safety.


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