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Green technology trends in the shipping industry
Date 01-10-2022 Views 98

Green technology trends in the shipping industry

This year's World Maritime Day (September 29, 2022) with the theme "New technology for greener shipping industry" to call and encourage businesses to find solutions to reduce fuel consumption, reduce carbon emissions, contribute to reducing the impact of climate change, towards the use of green technology for the shipping industry.

Green technology trend

Mr. Hoang Hong Giang acknowledged that, in the current integration trend, the trend of green technology is becoming a popular trend in the shipping industry.

“Cutting fuel consumption, reducing carbon emissions contributes to reducing the impact of climate change, bringing benefits to the environment and improving business efficiency for shipping businesses”, Mr. Jiang emphasized.

This year,  World Maritime Day  (September 29, 2022) takes the theme “New technologies for greener shipping”. From here, the Vietnam Maritime Administration calls and encourages businesses to find solutions to cut fuel consumption, reduce carbon emissions, contribute to reducing the impact of climate change, towards the use of technology. green for the shipping industry.

Ms. Tran Thi Tu Anh, Deputy Head of the Department of Science, Technology & Environment (Vietnam Maritime Administration) also informed the implementation of Decision 876/QD-TTg approving the action program on green energy transition, deflation carbon and methane emissions of the transport sector, the Maritime Administration is developing a baseline standard for green port criteria, expected to be submitted for approval by the end of 2022. The promulgation of the standard is expected to create a new mindset. in the operation and exploitation of seaports.

The criteria will stick to the green port standards of APEC and have some additional points suitable for Vietnam such as: Using energy as clean fuels such as LNG, hydrogen, etc., using economical equipment and technologies. energy.

Ms. Tu Anh also commented that to follow these criteria takes a lot of effort and cost. However, the maritime sector has the advantage of participating in many international conventions, so the standards are almost in accordance with international standards. Currently, the management agency only encourages units to convert vehicles at new investment ports, encouraging vehicles using green energy.

Blue sea transport needs a new way of doing things

In 2018, Cat Lai Tan Cang in Ho Chi Minh City became the first port of Vietnam to be recognized as a green port by APEC for meeting the criteria of the Green Port System Program (GPAS). This is a system to evaluate the criteria of commitment to environmental protection, use of clean energy... for ports in the APEC region.

In 2021, Tan Cang-Cai Mep International Port (TCIT) also received the Green Port Award 2020 by the APEC Port Service Network Council (APSN).

To become a "green port", these ports have invested in improving equipment, switching from running oil to using electricity or clean fuels such as: LNG for cranes, vehicles running in the port; develop solutions to reduce dust in the air and reduce noise such as using barges to transport goods instead of container trucks.

Along with that, trees are also planted along the pier and internal roads to improve the air environment, build a wastewater collection and treatment system, especially at equipment repair and maintenance facilities. containers…


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